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Host a Dinner Party with JH Health Solutions and Get FREE Cookware

Quality Cookware

Great-tasting meals start with cookware from JH Health Solutions. Discover the complete cooking systems we have available.

Have A Look At Our Cookware

Fine Cutlery

If you enjoy cooking, having the right knives is essential. Find out more about the top-of-the-line Rhineland Cutlery that we offer.

View Our Selection Of Cutlery

Air Purification 

Pain relief
Improve your indoor air quality and eliminate contaminants that aggravate conditions such as allergies and asthma with our air purifier.

Breathe Easy

History of JH Health Solutions

The main office of JH Health Solutions was founded by Mr. John Howard in 1974. It was originally known as Eastern Home Products. Since 1974 we have been distributing a line of top quality cookware through in-home demonstrations.  Our cookware is an American-made product, manufactured in West Bend, Wisconsin.

When you buy cookware and cutlery products from our locally owned and operated business, they are guaranteed for life. They will always perform the same as the date of purchase.  You can pass them down through families and generations knowing that we’ll provide any repairs that are needed. 

LIFETIME Guarantee
 on Cookware and Cutlery
Call: 865-986-8828
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Our Cookware works on all Magnetic Induction, Ceramic, Electric and Gas Stove Tops.

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